Jump Starters

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    ENX8K – Energizer 7500mAh UL-Listed Lithium Jump Starter + 2.4A Power Bank

    Why should you buy an Energizer lithium ion jump starter?

    * Safety is our number one concern; the Energizer ENX8K jump starter is fully UL Listed, most lithium ion jump starters are built with non-approved batteries in order to save on cost. This could leave you stranded with a battery that won’t last or even worse a battery that is not safe to use

    * The ENX8K includes smart cables, these smart cables are critical for the safety of the jump starter and your car battery, the protections include; Reverse charge protection, reverse polarity protection, low voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection and short circuit protection!

    • Includes an LED flash light, with both solid and intermittent modes (SOS).

    * Includes a battery level, so that you can make sure to charge the battery when it’s too low

    * Unmatched performance, Our jump starters ability to start a vehicle will outperform any other jump starter with the same battery size.
    Our version of an all-inclusive:

    * 1 x 30,000 mWh jump starter
    * 1 x set of smart clamps
    * 1 x AC wall charger
    * 1 x cigarette lighter charger
    * 1 x User Manual